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The Product Management Database was created so the staff could centrally manage the information required to create the Columbus Engine Parts Catalogue and the Precision International Website. Even the promotions and events are controlled by this central database. Although its main power comes in the ability to group the companies stock into Parts and then allocate the Parts into Engines and then catalogue which car Make’s and Model’s that engine is used in. Also all the extra information required for the different Make, Models and Engines are also stored in the database.

All the data from this database was stored in SQL Server so it can be accessed by the Website and the Parts Catalogue. As new pages where added to the website I would also add screens to the database to allow the users to control what is one the website.

From the Engines screen the user can create new engines and assign the parts and information required. The same data entered here is then shown on the Website and provided in updates to the Columbus Engine Parts Catalogue:

Product Management Engine Screen


Engine Kits are also managed from this screen allow the company to create a bill of materials and sell them as an engine kit:

Product Management Engine Kits


From the Parts screen the opposite could be done allowing the user to select which engines a part is assigned to as in a lot of cases some parts can be used on other engines. However the system has to allow for different descriptions depending on which  engine it is assigned to as it may require different instructions:

Product Management Part in Engines Screen


Each part could have multiple stock items associated with it usually because we had different brands but also different sizes:

Product Management Part Screen


As all the management of the data on the website is centrally managed from this database all the promotions and other information had to be controlled from this database. The promotions screen allowed the user to upload information and images:

Product Management Marketing Campaigns Screen


We also managed the video’s displayed on the website from the same database:

Product Management Video Management Screen


Also the merchandise for sale:

Product Management Merchandise Screen

The brand profiles and company information was also all managed form this one database once again updating the website and the parts catalogue:

Product Management Company and Supplier Information Screen


Even the coupons and vouchers for the website are managed on the same system:

Product Management Coupon Management Screen


This database was even used to send out the newsletter with its own mass mailing software built in. Although it was written in Microsoft Access it was still capable of creating PDF files, email news and events and even FTP the files required to the difference websites and systems.






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