Label Printing

Label Maker Conrod Label¬†The Label Printing software was developed to be able to print out a wide variety of different style labels using data sourced from the Arrow Financials system. It has very advanced printing techniques to allow the labels to be printed as fast as possible and also allow for batches as well as print the labels required for purchase orders. The system even has it’s own Code-128 and EAN 13 bar-code system built in. Also supports label cutting on label printers such as the Zebra 105 SL.

This program pulls the information and quantities required from the Arrow Financials system but could easily be changed to get its information from any data source. The user has many different ways of selecting labels to print. When a large batch of labels needs to be printed it can send the print commands to make the printer cut the labels allowing them to be stacked automatically:

Print Labels System

The system has many different label styles that can support Code-128 and EAN 13 bar-codes. It also allows for the display of sideways text all using its own custom built code as no controls where available to print the different styles required.

Below is some samples of the labels it prints:

Label Maker Conrod Label Label Maker Conrod Large Label Label Maker Large Camshaft Label Label Maker Piston Label Large Label Maker Piston Small Label Label Maker Small Label 3 Label Maker Small Sideways Label Label Maker Stroker Kit Label Maker Small

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