Client Manager CRM Database

Client Manager MenuThis database is used to track and control which customers the Sales Representatives visit and record the out comes. Current and possibly new customers are all managed from the Database as well as what order and how often they are visited.

All the Sales Representatives are allocated customers as well as the order in which to visit them. Once a Sales Representative has visited a customer they can email or sms some notes about the visit which the system will pick up and store for reporting purposes. The system was built to work with the Arrow Financials system as they don’t have a CRM module. It would manage the customers within Arrow as well as new potential customers.

Client Manager Menu

Each Sales Representative is assigned a list of customers for them to visit and which order they show visit them:

Client Manager Manager Visit List

Once a Sales Representative has visited a site then can then send a note via sms or email stating the outcome of the call. The Client Manager database would download the emails and sms’s and store them within the database:

Client Manager Customer Notes

The system has many reports to help the managers decided how to allocate the representatives resources. As well as track what the outcomes that different incentives have.

The non visited report would list the customers the Sales Representative hasn’t ¬†visited:

Client Manager Non Visited Clients Report Options

Client Manager Noit Visited Report

The All Customers list report gives the user a method to print the list of customers they require based on the different parameters:

Client Manager Visits Report Parameters

Client Manager Customer Report Report


The customer notes report allows the user to print out the notes that have been made against particular customers:

Client Manager Customer Notes Report Parameters

Client Manager Customer Notes Summary Report

The AFL Visit report actually had the historical trends of the customer(s) and also flagged when they had visited an AFL game with the company:

Client Manager AFL Visit Report Parameters

Client Manager AFL Visit Report

Client Manager AFL Visit Summary Report

The Client Manager database even provided a flexible excel or .csv file import tool. It allows the user to select what data is on the spreadsheet and which columns they are located so it can me imported into the database:

Client Manager Excel Import


As the system was tied in with the Arrow Financials package it had to transfer the new customers details in Arrow as well as directly access the current customers. This could easily be changed to any accounting system but in this case was set up for Arrow:

Client Manager Transfer Customers to Arrow

To make it easier for the sales representatives to send notes back about the call outs the database has Automated Responses which works similar to auto text. It will replace the code with the text added in the Automated Responses screen:

Client Manager Automated Responses

To break up the different groups of customers and locations the system allowed for runs to be created. The reports, visit lists and summaries can then use these runs to help better supply the data:

Client Manager Manage Runs

The client manager also had the ability to manage the non arrow customers (potentially new customers that aren’t currently buying from us):

Client Manager Non Arrow Customer Details


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