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Product Management – Engine Parts Database

Product Management Menu Small

The Product Management Database was created so the staff could centrally manage the information required to create the Columbus Engine Parts Catalogue and the Precision International Website. Even the promotions and events are controlled by this central database. Although its main power comes in the ability to group the companies stock into Parts and then allocate the Parts into Engines and then catalogue which car Make’s and Model’s that engine is used in. Also all the extra information required for the different Make, Models and Engines are also stored in the database.

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Columbus Engine Parts Catalogue

Columbus SmallColumbus was built in Visual Studio .NET 2003 and was originally designed to be distributed to customers via CD. A new install was created every quarter with the current parts and prices. From its first release it became the most popular parts catalogue in the industry and was usually the first place Engine Re-conditioners would use to source their parts.

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